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Bild 1 (Foto 1 & Foto 2):
Title: Left for interpretation…
Medium: Mixed materials on paper
Size: 35cm x 50cm (9-piece series)

Through experimenting with old school photo slides or in German ‘Dia-Bilder’, I was able to refine my ideas into collages, exhibiting the contrast between old and new media forms. Each individual collage within the series resembles a specific and personalized story in which the observer may or may not immerse into. Therefore, and for that reason only, I concluded that the title of this art work is ‘left for interpretation’.

Bild 2 (Foto 1 & Foto 2):
Title: Is it every day?
Medium: Photogram on photo paper
Size: 12,7cm x 17,7cm (16-piece series)

By acquiring new skills in the field of photography, I was made familiar with the apparatus of the photogram. As a matter of fact, I would describe this encounter as ‘love at first try’. The processes one undergoes to actualize the final photo is enchanting and compelling. With this photographic series I intend to showcase objects of everyday essence, that despite their simplistic form exhibit an influential impact in my everyday life.

Bild 3 (Foto 1 & Foto 2):
Title: The Queen’s Gambit!
Medium: Mixed materials on paper
Size: 44cm x 44cm (8-piece series)

Inspired by the highly renowned Netflix series ‘The Queen’s Gambit’, the 8-piece series encompasses accurate chess boards visualized through different mediums and instruments. This adds a playful touch to the so very strict and systematic game of chess and contrasts the idea that order and structure is the only way to attain success, as foreshadowed by the protagonist of the story, Beth Harmon.